The Military Messenger Bag
Friday, May 23, 2014
The Military Messenger Bag

It is absolutely essential to have access to the things you need throughout your day. We all have busy lives, and many of us live life on the go. Therefore, having a quality bag to carry to work, pack for travel, or just hit the town with, has become increasingly more important.

There are thousands of different types of bags on the market. However, you want a bag that accents the person you are, provides you with the comfort that you need, and ensures you that it isn’t going to fall to pieces while it is housing your content.

Messenger bags are a fashion-forward trend which has been utilized worldwide. A messenger bag possesses functionality, personality, and durability. All of which are very valuable when wanting a bag for everyday use.

The Military Messenger bag by Serbags is a very popular choice among the Serbags customers. Messenger bags are very trendy, but the military style is equally sought after. Individuals love the strong look that a military style possesses. That is why so many wear military attire and accessories. When you carry this Military inspired bag you will get noticed.

The first thing you will see when looking at the bag are the contrasting leather buckle straps. These straps give the bag some added flavor. They also close the flap with the use of magnetic quick snaps, which makes it super easy to access the content of your bag. Nestled under the flap are two large pockets that close with traditional snaps. The main compartment of the bag is closed with a zipper. Inside this military messenger is a zipper pocket on the interior wall. There is enough room to fit a 17” laptop, as well as your other items you may need.

There is one large adjustable strap, which can be worn over the shoulder or cross body style. In the center of the strap is a cushion to help pad your shoulder when carrying a heavy load. This Military Messenger comes in army green, which will coordinate well with any colors you choose to wear. Serbags has a knack for designing messenger bags that are gender friendly, and possess a vintage military style.

They make messenger bags that are designed to fit the modern day woman style with a vintage inspired flare. Serbags uses high quality canvas to construct their messenger bags, which is durable and easy to clean. Many individuals prefer canvas over other materials because canvas bags are made for longevity. The Military Messenger bag will fit into any lifestyle, and is very versatile. The rugged-edgy style will bring personality to your look, and have people asking where you got such a great bag.

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Comfortable Sleep During the Summer with Silk Sheets
Friday, May 23, 2014
Comfortable Sleep During the Summer with Silk Sheets

The summer weather is what most people long for and represents the end of the torturous winter cold. However, while summer may present days filled with fun and water, the nights might be torturous for those who do not have proper bedding. The summer heat makes the nights uncomfortable, and there is need to make arrangements that will ensure comfort. In many cases, people choose to invest in air conditioners, fans and large open windows but none of these may provide the kind of comfort that good bedding provides. As the seasons change, it is important to change bed sheets to suit the changing weather conditions. Silk sheets not only ensure a comfortable and cool night; they also provide a luxurious feel to the bed. Silk sheets ensure that one gets a comfortable night’s sleep even on those very hot summer nights.

The lightweight nature of silk makes silk sheets appropriate for summer nights. With the summer heat, it is not necessary to have heavy weight blankets in bed. The very light silk bed sheets are adequate to keep the body cool ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. Silk sheets are also extremely soft, offering a lavish feel to the skin.

Silk bed sheets offer thermal a balance ensuring that one is neither too hot nor too cold. It is common to find people having problems with their bed sheets because they are too warm. When one tries to use lesser sheets, it gets too cold resulting in uncomfortable summer nights. However, silk bed sheets adapt to the temperatures to offer a perfect balance. During the hot summer nights, silk bed sheets will keep the body cool avoiding the very uncomfortable night sweats. It is also important to note the breathability characteristic of silk. With the free flow of air in silk sheets, one is always assured of a comfortable night’s sleep. In addition, silk bed sheets keep the body dry in case of sweating. Some materials such as cotton absorb moisture but end up feeling damp making them uncomfortable for summer. However, with the lightweight nature of silk, the dampness dries up fast making them not only comfortable but dry at all times.

Silk is the smoothest material for bed sheets. This is an important characteristic as it ensures there is no itch associated with silk bedding. When using silk bed sheets, one is guaranteed to have a good night’s sleep as the bed sheets are soft and smooth to the skin. People who have sensitive skin should particularly use silk sheets as they do not scratch or irritate the skin in any way. Unlike other materials that absorb body and hair oils, silk bed sheets will keep the body and hair oiled. Many people complain of waking up with dry skin as their bedding absorb all the oil they had applied on their body or hair. However, with silk bed sheets, one will wake up with well moisturized skin and clean bed sheets.

Silk is a natural fiber that is highly resistant to allergens. The heat during summer nights may result in allergic reactions between the body and bedding. It is therefore important to use proper bedding that will not create an allergic reaction to the skin. Skin is perfect for this as it does not irritate the skin. In addition, when it comes into contact with sweat, there are no allergic reactions. The amino acids contained in silk are important in keeping the skin healthy. This makes silk a perfect choice for comfortable sleep during the summer.

There are numerous types of bed sheets available in the market. Bed sheets also come in a range of fibers that people choose depending on their taste. However, none of these fabrics is as smooth as silk. In addition, none of the other fabrics offers a thermal balance between hot and cold. To ensure a comfortable sleep during the summer, silk bed sheets are the best choice. They are breathable and keep the skin dry at all times.

Moreover, silk sheets do not irritate the skin and are therefore perfect for people with sensitive skin. As the weather gets hotter, silk sheets will ensure that the body remains cool all through the night, ensuring a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.
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Estee Lauder "The Metallics" Nail Lacquers
Sunday, May 18, 2014
Estee Lauder "The Metallics" Nail Lacquers

If you know me then you'd probably know that I am such a nail polish junkie. I love collecting them and I don't think I have talked about it that much. It's constantly growing and I want to think I don't have as much yet. 

Just recently I bought quite a few to add in to my collection and my favorite so far are the Estee Lauders. I have two metallics from Fall 2013 collection and one from their Red Haute collection. The metallics are all semi-matte finish. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about wearing mattes so I tend finish it off with a top coat. 

Steel Orchid - red plum chrome metallic purple 
Midnight Metal - soft, sapphire metallic blue
Beautiful Liar - red pink shiny color

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Hoodies: The Fashion Started by Medieval Monks
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
Hoodies: The Fashion Started by Medieval Monks

Hoodies are possibly the single most popular garment out there. We all have one, whether it's a printed hoodie from university, personalised hoodies from holidays away or sports gear for jogging or training. Every self respecting fashion house has their own take on the classic. You can buy hoodies sewn into suit jackets or design your own hoodie through one of a growing choice of websites and high street stores. But not many people know that the trend actually traces back to the medieval monasteries of Christian Europe.

Back in the Middle Ages, many people wore what would become today's hoodie. Monks hoods known as 'cowls' attached to their robes, or tunics. They were the perfect choice of clothing for men who wanted to have a single, simple wardrobe that they could wear through the cold winters as well as both feeling comfortable and looking plain in. The first hoodies were so popular that workers in the fields and workshops soon took up the trend, liking the warmth and flexibility of the garments.

If it was Medieval Europe where the hoodie's predecessor first appeared, it was another world entirely where they came back into fashion. In freezing, dirty 1930s upstate New York, the first modern-style hoodie was produced and the fashion caught on all over again. People still did not call them 'hoodies', that name only caught on in the 1990s. By then, they were a fashion staple of the United States, much of Europe and, more and more, pretty much everywhere else to some extent.

These days, in fact, hoodies have reached almost cult status in the fashion world. Big brands, institutions and celebrities often leave their mark on personalised hoodies according to their own styles. The world famous Victoria & Albert Museum in central London recently bought one of the rapper P Diddy's embroidered hoodies for a cultural exhibit, showing just how deep into the DNA of modern western culture the one-piece garment has made it. This is a museum that defines tradition, formality and imperial London, if a hoodie can end up there, it can end up anywhere.

Following the trend, personalised hoodies are becoming a popular choice for the style-conscious who prefer to design their own streetwear rather than buy into one of the big brands. Hoodies printing is big business and there are some printers out there that will let you design your own hoodie according to any design you can think up and have it transferred onto a quality fabric. Team hoodies are commissioned for sports teams, companies distribute branded tops to their employees on away days and everything else from embroidered hoodies to silk hoodies are springing up. There is no occasion a hoodie can't be found for.

While the garment first worn by Medieval monks still has to prove its staying power in the world of fashion, so far it seems like it isn't going anywhere; while anybody can design their own version of the classic and every fashion house treats the garment with reverence, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere just yet.
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How To: Stack Up Your Rings
Tuesday, April 15, 2014
How To: Stack Up Your Rings

Stacked jewellery is one of the top fashion trends this season. Combining rings and layered bands creates a lovely and personal statement. While they are trending this year, stackable rings have been worn by fashion conscious women for thousands of years. Slender rings can easily be layered on women’s fingers adding an allure that has spanned the centuries. However, stacking jewellery, especially rings, has to be done carefully in order not to appear garish.

The next time you step out with friends, why not show them some great fashion sense by artistically stacking this year’s most coveted style, like the rings featured below from Michael Hill. Fresh and racy: diamond, gold, silver, and zirconia stackable bands are certain to raise an eyebrow!

Rules for Rings:

Following a few basic rules helps prevent appearing tasteless: combine metals, leave one or more fingers bare, stack several rings on a single finger, combine contour and shape, leave opposing space, and use texture and colour to add some pop.

Successfully stacking rings requires the use of design elements that work together to project a cohesive whole. Purchasing rings that are part of a set assures a unified look. However, experimenting and combining styles is a delightfully creative way to play with colour and patterns. Try on a few rings, see what works, and find a look that’s right for the shape of your hand.

Different Bands: 

While diamonds and metal bands are lovely, birthstones and gems can easily be added to the mix. Not only is the effect unusual and appealing, a ring with sentimental value can add meaning to the overall look while adding a touch of sentiment. Mothers and grandmothers are likely to appreciate a combination of striking birthstone rings, a lovely way to carry a charming reminder of those dearest to the heart!

Even a woman who is not a mother will enjoy a little sentimentality when stacking rings. Sweetheart combinations make beautiful anniversary sets, often combined with wedding sets that include engagement and wedding-bands. Traditionally referred to as bridal sets, these rings are designed in such a way that they natural lend themselves to stacked and intertwined combinations.

Silver, Turquoise, Gems, and More: 

Another great look combines silver and turquoise where silver rings are inlayed with turquoise and other semi-precious stones. However one chooses to combine them, stackable rings express who you are, what you value, and how you feel about yourself. Easily interchangeable, ring sets can easily be switched from casual to evening attire simply by adding or replacing a band or two. A larger stone can be added to slender strips of silver to create a look that is striking yet elegantly understated.

Combining stackable rings in any number of ways projects a unique look, reflecting your own tasteful style. Whether you choose to join simple metallic bands, diamond rings, or a colourful collection of gemstone, you can mix and match bands to your heart’s content. Go ahead - stack up your rings - add colour, glamour, and simple elegance to your favourite fashion ensemble!
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